Jul 12, 2014

Life in Instagram

I've decided to start sharing a photo from my Instagram each week. This week is the President  Jackson hates us all edition. I love finding interesting things written on money. So buy something for your crummy friends and go play in traffic.

Xo Chloe.

Jul 3, 2014


busy Lately, I have been trying to get a move on with this whole "art thing." I have so many ideas and I really want to start doing things with them. I am thinking about doing stationary, especially stickers and postcards. Once I finalize some of my designs, I will share them.

Xo Choe.

Jul 1, 2014

Stuff I Luff #75

Modcloth has such cute swimsuits on sale right now! Also, Modcloth is doing the give $2o get $20 deal for orders over $50. You could get either of these swimsuits for $30, if you use this link!

I love Sailor Moon, I really really do. I need more Sailor Moon accessories, and these necklaces are the bomb.
These winged sandals are so cute. I would feel like a female Hermes wearing these. The best part is they do not have the little in between the toe loop. I hate that.

Speaking of needing more Sailor Moon in my life. These shirts, I need them all.

This etsy shop is so cool! She has a pin for everything, and if you don't see the fan club you belong to, she will make a custom pin! Also, it's run by Kate from Scathingly Brilliant and I love everything she does.

Xo Chloe.

Jun 16, 2014

Shop My Closet Updates & Giveaway Winner

Hey! I just wanted to share a few more things recently added to my Poshmark. Oh, and if you sign up and use the referral code: "BUTAX" you will get $5 to spend!

I REALLY loved this party hat top, but alas it did not fit. The tag says large, but it is definitely not. The chest area is snug on me, it could probably fit a B-cup.

These floral BDG jeans are really cute, they just aren't my thing. Pants in general are not really my thing. They are basically new, I just tore the tags off like a dummy.

I really like this periwinkle peplum top. I think it would look really cute with the floral jeans pictured above.

This is one of those bodycon-ish dresses. It is not as stretchy as most bodycons though. It is a little too big in the hips for me.

I feel like everything in this post had very similar colors to one another. I must have been going through a color phase.

Xo Chloe.

P. S.
The winner to the Two Black Cats giveaway is.....Laura of Lauryn Green! I will be contacting you soon!